Mom Drives a 900HP Mitsubishi Evo

It's never too late in life to get behind the wheel and experience 900 horsepower. Maybe this is the perfect Mother's Day present.

It’s not every day that you come across a Mitsubishi Evo that’s been tuned to 900 horsepower. But instead of you getting behind the wheel, your own mother opts to take command of this compact powerhouse. Don’t believe it? You can see what this situation looks like in the following video. Reportedly taken in northern Mexico on a stretch of highway, the mother of one of these enthusiasts gamely proves that she can handle the 900hp/stick-shift combination without any difficulties.

She ultimately ends up surprising her young and all-male audience. The big smile on her face while driving and immediately afterwards shows just how truly awesome it is to drive something like this. Don't forget about Mother's Day this weekend, everyone.

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