Drag Race

Mom Lets 16-Yr-Old Cut School to Drag Race for a Week

World’s best mom also leant daughter her drag-prepped 1968 Camaro for the event.

Alex Taylor has awesome parents. Her mom gave her a 1968 Camaro, and her dad helped her turn it into a drag racer. At just 16 years old, Alex is too young to partake in NHRA Competition, but was eligible for the 2013 Drag Week. “What about school?” we hear you ask. Her principal must also be a hot rod fan as he gave the straight-A student a pass to go and set some records on the strip. She didn’t quite manage that, but did clock a couple of quarter miles in the elevens.

Bear in mind her dad won Drag Week back in 2007 and this story starts to make more sense. Check her out in action courtesy of 1320video.

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