Special Edition

Momo Designs Special Lancias

Special-edition Ypsilon and Delta styled by MomoDesign set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show along with one more.

Enthusiasts of Italian automobiles will know the names Lancia and Momo. The former may have fallen off its glory days, but the latter may be able to help add some extra style to the Ypsilon and Delta to make the pseudo-premium hatchbacks a little more appealing. And so at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, Lancia will take the wraps off the MomoDesign editions of both these hatchbacks – the only two models in the brand’s lineup that aren’t rebadged versions of Chryslers.

Both start with the S trim levels and add some extra special touches to set them apart. Lancia hasn’t given much in the way of details, but we do know that the Lancia Ypsilon S MomoDesign and Lancia Delta S MomoDesign have both been augmented with style by Momo’s own designers. The Ypsilon will be displayed in two-tone blue and matte black and the Delta in anthracite and black on Lancia’s show stand in Geneva, alongside a new baby-blue Elefantino edition Ypsilon as well that aims to relive the glory days of Gianni Lancia who used an elephant as his emblem while racing.

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