Money Mayweather Shows us "Just" his Las Vegas Car Collection

Beating the snot out of people for 17 years is a great way to build a stock pile of supercars.

Boxing fans were treated to a title fight spectacle on Saturday night as Floyd Mayweather defended his title against up-and-comer Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. Mayweather made a record purse, earning $41.5 million just for showing up. Combined with a fight in May, America's highest paid athlete made $73 million this summer alone. To date, the undefeated boxer's 45 wins has earned him in the ballpark of $350 million. So, what to do with all that cash? Buy the world's greatest cars and stash them in cities all over the US. What else?

Mayweather takes us through his "Vegas car collection," which is distinct from his car collections in LA or Miami. Showtime, who produced the video, has contracted 'Money' for an additional $150 million for the next two years. Expect more Mayweather car collections to be built in a city near you soon.

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