Monkey Picks Up a Banana at Popeyes Drive Thru

Because monkeys make everything better.

Pulling pranks on unsuspecting people is always a good time. But when you involve a monkey and some late night shift drive thru employees, it’s all the more fun. MagicofRahat is back with yet another prank that’s left its victims totally clueless. With the help of a modified driver’s seat designed to turn its occupant nearly invisible, this monkey manages to confuse the crap out of plenty of fast food employees. Some literally freak out immediately.

Others offer the monkey everything from donuts, to Popeyes chicken, to a banana. It’s all pretty hilarious. They have no clue what to do, and calling for their manager won’t help. That guy is just as dumbfounded as they are. Check out the video ahead. Monkeys just make everything better.

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