Monstaka Squeezes 400 Horsepower, Amazing Exhaust Note From Toyota GT 86

That’s up in the range where it starts stepping on toes.

It might be true that the Scion FR-S (or the Toyota GT 86, depending on where you live) doesn't pack a whole lot of power from the factory, but that's what tuning is for, and this is one impressive kit. French firm Monstaka has wrung 400 horsepower from the four-cylinder boxer engine under the Toyota's hood, and it will now lap the Magny Cours Club track in 1 minute 23.75 seconds. That's a mere 0.02 seconds slower than a BMW M4.

The kit will cost you 7,000 Euros, which isn't cheap, but it'll be worth it when you see the look on that M4 driver's face.

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