Monster's New E-Runner Pikes Peak Special

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The eleven-time champion will take on the hill climb this year in an all-electric racer.

Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima knows a thing or two about Pikes Peak. He has won the International Hill Climb eleven times since 1988 and is looking to make the 90th running of the event his seventh consecutive title. Developed by Monster's team of engineers in consultation with the Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (APEV), the E-Runner Pikes Peak Special electric racer is what Tajima will drive up to the summit of the 4,300-meter mountain this week.

The revolutionary new look of the all-wheel-drive E-Runner comes in carbon form draped over an aluminum space frame. The all-electric powerplant is made up of two electric motors powered by a lithium-ion battery and a cockpit that looks like came straight from a fighter jet. Of his new ride,Tajima said: "I will be entering this year's Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with my new electric race car. The reason I made this change is that I would like to help save our beautiful planet earth for our children. My intention here is to break my own record with this EV hill climb car and show the world that EVs can be radical and very, very fast."

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