Monster Truck Wedding Entrance Fails Hard

You know it's a hillbilly wedding when the guests start fixing the truck instead of dancing.

It’s normally the bride that makes the most memorable entrance to a wedding. Not in redneck America, where it appears the groom likes to get in on the action too. And nothing makes an entrance like a monster truck jumping over a bush onto a well-manicured lawn. The giant green mud truck that you see flying into action at around the 45-second mark should have no trouble landing the leap. But when you kill the switch while airborne the result can be a painful nosedive. So painful, in fact, one of the front wheels rips right off.

Instead of consoling the weeping wife-to-be, true to form the redneck party head straight to the truck to see how the old girl can be fixed. Hours of drinking copious amounts of Keystone and Rolling Rock ensued.

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