Monster Wants You To Ring In The New Year With Booty And Off-Roading

Monster Energy has more fun than us…again.

Thelovely folks over at Monster Energy have decided to cure our weeklong New Yearshangovers with some heavy guitar riffs and of course…well, you'll see. So nowthat your trophy truck, dirt bike fantasy is in play we can drop some hyperboleabout how this would only be better with Harleys on paddle tires jumping…andthat’s there too. This video is filled with tons of off-road vehicular porn, including lotsof trucks and bikes jumping large sand dunes. If this doesn't tempt you to buy a dirt bike and say "hold my beer" then nothing will.

Actually, you really don’t want to try anything in the video forthe following reasons; 1. A copious amount of booty is not waiting to high-five you. 2. You’ll endure the shame of Internet-fail stardom 3. Monster Energy doesnot give you wings, but if you drink enough it might make you think you do.

So now that saner heads have slightly prevailed and left the building, the insane among you should go try all of this. Just be sure to have a friend film it. In case you're still reading, expect to see an ass-ortment of Monster Girls here, as well as every freestyle motocross rider and trophy truck driver. Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg and Ballistic BJ Baldwin grace the screen and then go flying with horsepower instead of wings. Oh yeah, Ken Block’s Raptortrax makes an appearance just to accentuate the awesomeness.

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