Monte Carlo Automobile Rascasse LPG Has 500HP

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Just 15 examples of this 500 hp supercar from Monaco will be produced priced at a shade over $600k.

Monte Carlo Automobile was founded back in 1983 as Monaco's first automaker. And to celebrate its 30th anniversary, it will soon launch a new supercar called the Rascasse. Yes, it may resemble a Pagani Zonda with a touch of Ferrari and Lamborghini here and there, but it'll still be quite rare. Just 15 units are planned at a cost of roughly $660,000 each. But what about power and how does this thing compare with Europe's finest?

According to Italian publication Ansa, the Rascasse is powered by a BMW 5.4-liter V12 that's been modified to develop 500 horsepower. Another interesting fact is that the car has been modified to run on both gasoline and hydrogen enriched LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) fuel. Monte Carlo Automobile is already planning an even more powerful Rascasse that'll incorporate a hybrid system, supercharging and even all-wheel drive. For now, we have absolutely zero doubt that plenty of wealthy collectors will line up to place a bid for one of these rare machines.

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