Monumental Car Wash Churns Out 400 Clean Cars Per Hour

Germans demonstrate their ruthless efficiency extends to washing cars.

Stuttgart, Germany. Home to Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and, as this new video from The Wall Street Journal demonstrates, one of the largest carwash facilities in the world. Mr. Wash is housed in a two-story building that cost $40 million to build with the capacity to wash 400 cars an hour. That works out to be around half-a-million cars a year. Mixing cutting-edge machinery with the personal touch, drivers come to Mr. Wash to enjoy a cup of coffee, treat their dog to a snack at the dog bar and wait for their car to arrive looking out-of-the-factory fresh.

With prices starting at just 6 Euros its not only 911s and Maybachs that use the facility. Stuttgart is a city with sparkling clean cars everywhere. And it has Mr. Wash to thank for that.

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