Mopar Did Something Naughty With A Hellcat V8 Crate Engine

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Whatever it is, a SEMA debut is about to happen.

As of this writing, Mopar is saying very little. All we know is what can be gleaned from the following video. The famed FCA parts division is back at it doing what it does best: utilizing existing FCA vehicles and engines, building parts and accessories for them and, on occasion, creating a vehicle of its own. Well, that's apparently exactly what's been done.

Set to officially debut at SEMA in Las Vegas on October 30, is a new project involving the famed supercharged 6.2-liter Hellcat V8, which is now available as a crate engine.

Mopar figured it was about to time to drop that engine into something from the automaker's past. Of course it'll be a late 60s to early 70s muscle car. Question is, which one? The video teaser is brief but it does show the top view of the car. It looks (and sounds) like this is a Hellcat-powered restomodded classic Charger or Challenger. We'd be happy with either. And that's it. No other details for now, but that'll change in the coming days.

If whatever Mopar is about to reveal doesn't appeal to your tastes, but you still want a Hellcat V8 for a project car, then Mopar will happily sell you that engine for $19,530.

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You'll have to fork over another $2,195 for the Hellcrate engine kit. But look on the bright side, the $21,725 expense does come with a three-year warranty. We'll have more details for you in the coming days because word has it Mopar has some pretty wild stuff to show in Vegas this year. In fact, Mopar itself even says this Hellcat-related project will be a "game changer." Stay tuned.

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