Mopar Is Asking Everyone To Design The Ultimate SEMA Build

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Literally anyone can be a car designer. Just not necessarily a good one.

There isn't a diehard car fan alive who hasn't toyed with the idea of designing their own car now and again. Now, Mopar is giving us all the push we need, with an all-new Sketch Battle - SEMA Edition.

The global pandemic may have thrown a wrench in SEMA's planned 2020 show, but the association and its members rallied around the concept of a virtual event held entirely online, called SEMA360. Mopar - the parts, service, and customer care division of Chrysler - is celebrating with an online Sketch Battle in two rounds, announced on Thursday with a slick flyer featuring a souped-up Jeep Gladiator. The battle is open to anyone, anywhere, no matter what age.


We know it sounds wide-open, but there are some restrictions in place. For starters, Round One entries are due before midnight Eastern Time on Saturday, October 31; anything submitted after that is automatically disqualified. For another thing, you can't just go and design literally whatever you want; entries must be sketches depicting "the ultimate Mopar SEMA concept vehicle." That means taking a production product like a Ram 1500 or a Dodge Charger and reimagining it from head to toe as a dramatic, heavily modified show-stopper.

To enter a sketch of your own, all you have to do is tweet it to @FiatChrysler_NA or share it in the comments section of the FCA North America Facebook page's Sketch Battle post, published Thursday, October 29 at 9:30 am, using the hashtag #DriveforDesign. If you're currently attending art classes in high school or college, you're encouraged to share your school and anticipated graduation date on your sketch.


After all the sketches have been reviewed, FCA's Head of Design, Ralph Gilles, and the Head of Ram Truck and Mopar Design, Mark Trostle, will select their Top 10 favorite sketches live on Facebook. Those Top 10 finalists will have the chance to rework their sketches to resubmit for Round Two by 5 pm Eastern Time on Monday, November 16, for Gilles and Trostle to select their three favorites.

Those Top Three artists will each get virtual one-on-one time with Gilles and Trostle, and their sketches will be posted to their Instagram channels to be voted on for the honor of "Fan Favorite."

October 31 is coming up quick, so stop reading, bust out those crayons, and get to work.


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