Mopar Minutes: A Brand New Channel For Real Muscle Car Guys

Think you know about Mopar? Then watch this.

Graveyard Carz returned to our screens last month with the promise of showcasing stunning Dodge muscle cars being restored to showroom spec. The leader of these Mopar masters is Mark Worman who boasts an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Mopar. And now Mark has created a brand new YouTube channel called Mopar Minutes to share interesting Mopar factoids with his fans. This guy knows everything about Mopar, and now you can too.

If you want to impress your friends with facts about classic Mopars muscle that only a handful of people in the world would know, be sure to subscribe to the new channel: Mopar Minutes.

To put your Mopar knowledge to the test, check out this video and see if you can name the make, model and years of the all these Mopars in the following one-minute montage.

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