Mopar's Loading Up The Extras On The New Ram Rebel But Missed One Important Thing

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Nothing is new under the hood but it looks way more badass.

Though Mopar's dabbled with plenty of cars in the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles portfolio-it regularly tinkers around with Dodge and Chrysler models, and it's even the overlord of the Abarth upgrades scheme in Europe-it's probably best known recently for the items it offers on various Ram models. As a result we weren't shocked in the slightest by FCA's announcement of a new, limited-edition version of the Ram 1500 Rebel that's been creatively called the "Mopar Ram Rebel."


What we were surprised by, however, was the lack of any real mechanical modifications. That's not to say that Mopar hasn't toyed around with any of the main hardware bits on the Rebel. FCA does claim that the truck has been beefed up a bit, with perhaps the most notable addition being the skid plate that protects the power steering system from whatever geological formation the driver will be taking their Ram Rebel over. But most of the changes made to this 500-unit limited edition (the first special edition truck made by Mopar, apparently) are purely cosmetic, ranging from the decal scheme and fender flares to more subtle bits that aren't immediately obvious to your average Joe.

For instance, the silver front skid plate is now painted black on the Ram Rebel. Not that we'd cite the skid plate as a USP in a press release, mind... Should you crave some more extras to help beef up the 5.7-liter V8 engine, then Mopar will fit gear like cold air intakes and cat-back exhausts to the truck. But they're only available as premium extras, which is a wee bit cheeky in itself when you remember that Mopar is charging people $52,460 for the Ram Rebel (a premium of more than six grand over a base Ram 1500 Rebel). Whether you reckon it's worthy of that price increase is up to you. But there's no denying your money will get you a pretty badass looking truck.


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