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Mopar Wants To Put A Hellcat Engine Under Your Tree For Christmas

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Along with plenty of other Mopar swag.

As the holiday season nears, automakers are revealing their Christmas gift catalogs for the year. McLaren recently announced its gift options, which includes socks, miniature car models, a racing suit, and even a three-day arctic driving school. These automotive-themed gifts are usually pretty inexpensive, though we have seen some outrageously priced car-themed presents in the past.

Most automakers realize people don't typically give away a car for Christmas, so they tend to produce smaller gifts with their logo printed on them. While Mopar will sell the typical branded hoodie and tumbler this year for $49.95 and $11.95 respectively, the brand's gift catalog includes some far crazier options.

The priciest item on the list is the 6.2-liter Supercharged Hellcrate engine for $20,020. This is the same 707-horsepower engine found in the Charger and Challenger Hellcat models, now sold as a crate engine to be stuffed in your Christmas dream builds. The Hellcrate is sold with a $2,265 engine kit for plug-and-play installation.

If you can't afford a $20,000 gift or don't think a Hellcat engine will fit under your tree, Mopar has plenty of other options. Mopar builds tons of performance parts, including over 200 parts for the new Gladiator pickup truck. If you know someone who loves to go off-roading in their Jeep Wrangler, an LED light kit ($475) or a snorkel ($665) may be a nice gift idea.

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Looking for stocking stuffers? Mopar will also be offering branded gifts including a wireless earbuds/power bank combo package ($64.95), collapsible pet kennel ($190), lifestyle carriers for bikes and skis ($175-$575), tonneau covers ($450-$1,400), HEMI neon clock ($79.95), and truck bed storage system ($1,400-$1,450). Even if you don't know exactly what to buy for someone, Mopar will offer gift cards in $25, $50 and $100 denominations.

Use the promo code "MOPAR75" at checkout on www.WearMopar.com to receive free shipping on orders of over $75.