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More Affordable Jaguar E-Pace Now Available With Adaptive Suspension

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Jaguar is now offering the E-Pace with a 200-hp version of its 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine.

Jaguar has expanded its E-Pace lineup with a new entry-level model. Slotting below the current 247-hp and 296-hp variants of the E-Pace, the new model uses a less potent 197-hp version of Jaguar's 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged Ingenium engine. With this setup, the more affordable E-Pace completes the 0-62 mph sprint in 7.7 seconds, while delivering fuel economy of 34.4 mpg. For the first time, the E-Pace is also now available with adaptive suspension.

Jaguar's Active Dynamics system, now available for every model apart from the XJ, uses continuously variable damper technology that improves the SUV's handling response, body control and ride quality. It also monitors vehicle movements every two milliseconds and calculates the required damping force every ten milliseconds to respond instantly to the driver's inputs and road surface changes, providing greater control and minimizing body roll. Two settings are available: Normal and Dynamic. Normal mode focuses on comfort, while the Dynamic setting optimizes the SUV's agility.

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The E-Pace also inherits the electric I-Pace's Smart Settings AI system that learns the driver's habits from their key fob and smartphone and adjusts settings such as the climate control, seat position and infotainment system accordingly. Because that doesn't sound unsettling at all. Cleverly, the AI can also change settings based on time, location, weather and behaviour patterns. For example, it can pre-heat the steering wheel and seats on a cold day. Up to eight profiles can be set up. With a less powerful engine, the new 197-hp E-Pace is of course cheaper than the current models. No pricing has been announced for the US yet, but in the UK it will start at £28,500 ($38,154).