More Amazing Cars From the 2015 Parx Supercar Show

Supercars of every ilk storm Mumbai.

We recently showed you a video of the only LaFerrari in India being escorted to a car meet up in Mumbai. Now, thanks to our friend Vipin Mabin, who was on hand at the event, provides us with even more footage of additional partrons who were in attendance. The LaFerrari is again in this video, but this time is shares the spotlight with almost every supercar you can imagine. The event is the Parx Supercar Show, held every year in Mumbai. The show starts with a parade through Mumbai's streets and ends at the Mahalxmi Racecourse.

In addtion to the LaFerrari, some stunners included a Rosso Mars Huracan, a Red Ferrari Testarossa, an SLS AMG and even an V8 Ariel Atom.

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