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More Blatant, Albeit Hilarious, Design Rip Offs From China

Least surprising news ever.

You might think that the more imported cars they get in China, and the more popular they become with Chinese consumers, the less often Chinese companies would put out hilarious knockoffs of these cars. You'd be wrong though. As we can see from these two prototypes spotted at the Shandong EV Expo by Car News China, this behavior is likely to continue. First up, we have what looks like a BMW i3 that suffered an unfortunate photo editing mistake, built by a company called Jinma.

The car itself is called the JMW2200, which isn't exactly what you'd call subtle. It costs just $4,030 and has a range of 75 miles, but the downside is that uses lead acid batteries and produces just 4 horsepower (seriously). The other car also uses lead acid batteries and is built by a company called Vidoev. It doesn't have a name or an interior yet, but it does look exactly like what you'd imagine a New Beetle with 2 extra doors to look. The logo appears to rip off Nissan's, except in the font, which is very Volvo-like. It's very strange, and the price will apparently be about $16,000 when completed. We might pass on buying either of these.

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