More Cadillac EVs Are On The Way: Ascendiq And Escalade IQ

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The Ascendiq sounds like it has serious off-road aspirations.

Cadillac is doubling down on electric vehicles over the next couple of years, a chapter that began with the reveal of the stylish Lyriq SUV. In September, the automaker announced that the first batch of Lyriqs sold out in under 20 minutes. Of course, more Lyriq EVs are on the way, but it's far from the last new Cadillac EV. Last week, we uncovered trademark filings for what appeared to be three upcoming Cadillac EVs, including an electric version of the Cadillac Escalade known as the Escalade IQL. Well, CarBuzz has now found another two names to add to that list: Escalade IQ and Ascendiq. The trademark filings came from numerous trademark offices including the USPTO.


The easier of the two new names to figure out is the Escalade IQ. As we said last week, the Cadillac Escalade IQL is pretty much certain to be an electric version of the Escalade. With the Escalade IQ name now being trademarked too, it seems that the Escalade IQ is a smaller version of the Escalade IQL. The latter should mirror today's gas-powered Escalade ESV by offering a longer body and extended wheelbase. Considering that the gas ESV weighs nearly 6,200 pounds without a heavy EV battery pack, the Escalade IQL will be a monster.

As for the Ascendiq, this one is a bit harder to pin down. The name ends in 'iq' so we know it'll be an EV, but where will it fit in?

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The likely assumption is that the Ascendiq will be an SUV of some size. Sometimes, the name itself gives us a clue, so could Ascendiq stand for 'ascend' and perhaps hint the arrival of a raised, off-road-focused SUV or truck? It's possible, especially with luxurious options like the Rivian R1T now in the picture. Then again, General Motors showed off a sketch of a sleek sedan a couple of months back, so there's no telling exactly what the Ascendiq name could refer to.

When we asked Cadillac about last week's trademarks, they wouldn't confirm if those names would actually be used on future models. However, with the company wanting to be an EV-only brand by 2030, we think it's likely that most, if not all, of these names will find their way onto future Caddy models.

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