More Canadians Than Americans Bought Corvettes Last Month



Over the past few month, a trend has started that we really hope won’t continue for much longer. Chevrolet Corvette sales. They’re dropping, despite even some pretty good factory incentives. For example, as GM Authority first reported, US market Corvette sales were down in April by 12.3 percent compared to the same month in 2016. In the first four months of this year alone, Corvette sales dropped by 10 percent. But in Canada, for the second month in a row, America’s sports car continues to sell decently well.

Canadian Corvette sales were up 56.6 percent last month compared to the same month the year prior. In fact, the first five months of 2017 saw Corvette sales increase by 39.7 percent for a total of 978 units in the Great White North. Although 11,095 Corvettes were sold during that same period in the US, that’s actually a decrease by 9 percent compared to 2016. So, what can we take away from these numbers? For starters, what’s obvious is that despite the Corvette being a niche model, it’s doing decently well in Canada and we’re sure GM is satisfied. As far as the US market goes, there could be a few reasons explaining the sales drop. One, the arrival of the C8, which could be previewed as early as this January at Detroit.

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Two, there’s simply not enough people who either want to buy their first one or replace their current Vette (despite generous trade-in deals for existing owners). Third, and this might be somewhat controversial, the C7 Corvette could be getting a little long in the tooth, even though it only went on sale in 2014. Yes, it’s been updated since and, yes, high performance variants like the Grand Sport and Z06 have launched, but all of that alone may not be enough. Just look at the pace Porsche manages to keep its 911 fresh with new variants seemingly being revealed consistently. Perhaps it’s time for Chevrolet to rethink its entire Corvette strategy, especially before the C8 arrives. Fix the problem before it becomes an irreversible one.