More Details About the "Darth Vader" Corvette

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Comes fully armed and operational.

Just the other day, the first few photos and details came out regarding the life-size Darth Vader car debuting at Comic-Con 2014, which opens tomorrow. Thanks to the guys at Car and Driver, we now have additional facts about this totally awesome and ultimate Star Wars-Corvette fanboy collectible. It's built on a C5 Corvette with a body made mostly from fiberglass and a carbon-fiber front splitter. In fact, the Darth Vader Vette supposedly weighs almost 50 percent less than the donor car.

Yes, that means it's totally drivable with an 80 mph tested cruise speed. Top speed is a reported 150 mph. Power comes from a C6 Vette LS3 V8 with 526 horsepower that's paired to a six-speed manual.

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Lord Vader prefers to row his own gears, clearly. The car is also fitted with a "drift brake" and has custom wheels and redline tires. Note that the hood plate is modeled on the one found on the chest of Vader's suit, and the side pipes, which light up, look like red lightsabers. The car also has awesome audio effects, controlled by an iPad, such as Vader's breathing and a lightsaber sound. Heck, even the rear hatch opens like Vader's helmet. All told, the build took seven weeks. And no, it's not for sale.

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