More Electric Porsches Are Coming And That's A Fact

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Porsche has a new CEO who's not at all shy about his future plans.

Late last month we learned that Porsche is likely dropping plans (at least for now) for a Ferrari 488-killing 650 hp supercar, tentatively called the 960. So what will be developed and subsequently launched in its place? According to Automobile Magazine it's going to be a smaller version of the Mission E four-door coupe concept. "For the simple reason that electrification still carries a substantial weight penalty, sports cars will hold on to classic propulsion solutions a little longer than other vehicle types," Porsche CEO Oliver Blume told Automobile.


"But even the 911 must eventually adjust." Yes, that's a clear hint that a 911 EV will happen one day, but not just yet. What is happening much sooner is the so-called Pajun E, essentially a scaled-down Mission E. Blume did say the production version of that concept is built on a scalable architecture, meaning it can be shortened and, perhaps, even lengthened (a future Bentley Mulsanne all-electric successor, perhaps? Don't rule it out). But a smaller Pajun E – the name likely won't be retained, FYI – has major appeal for Porsche because of one future EV. Yes, you guessed it, the Tesla Model 3. In fact, all three main German brands are targeting the Model 3.

BMW is also reportedly working on an i5 and Mercedes is cooking up an EV that'll be sized in between the C- and E-Class. Porsche is also reportedly considering a new smaller SUV that could have a lot in common with the upcoming Volkswagen CUVe, which is a pure EV. Add it all up and Porsche has three potential EVs in the works. No wonder the likes of Shell are investing in rapid EV charging stations.


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