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More Evidence That All 911s Are Getting Turbocharged

Maybe not all 911s, but a new turbocharged flat-six for base models seems very likely.

Last week our spy photographers sent us images of the refreshed Porsche 911 caught testing. Aside from some styling updates to the front and rear ends, a pair of side air outlets were spotted in the rear bumper. And the test mule was not a 911 Turbo. Our sources indicated that those vents could very well be needed for a turbocharged flat-six engine. Some readers, weren’t exactly pleased by this. In fact, one commentator was so full of rage he wanted to beat the writer with a bag of oranges. Lovely.

An excessive reaction, but one we can sympathise with. Regardless, those air outlets are very real, and today we have some fresh spy shots to prove just that. It’s very likely that Porsche is working on a new smaller and turbocharged flat-six in an effort to cut down even further on CO2 emissions. A turbo engine generates additional heat, hence the outlets in the rear bumper. Could this new engine be optional or will it become standard fare? We honestly just don’t know yet, but we’ll be sure to let everyone (even ol' orange beater) know the moment we do. The refreshed 911 Turbo was also caught in cold weather testing, but for now it seems it’s just getting a minor styling nip/tuck.

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