More Lamborghini Aventador Specials Are Coming


Naturally aspirated V12 Lamborghinis are here to say.

The long-running Lamborghini Aventador has reached a significant milestone with 7,000 units produced in the six years it's been on sale, surpassing the Murcielago's 4,000 units before it. With the recent launch of the potent S Coupe and S Roadster models, we didn't think Lamborghini could possibly extract more power from its flagship supercar but Lamborghini's chief commercial officer Federico Foschini has promised that more special variants of the Aventador are still to come.

Considering it's been on sale for six-years, you would think the Aventador is overdue a replacement. Not so, according to Foschini. "The Aventador is an icon, I love it, and it is still surprising me every year, because it is a platform that is still giving us so many possibilities," he said in an interview with CarAdvice. "I don't want Aventador to die, honestly. I love it. The time will have to come – let's say it will be soon, but not too soon – and there are still a few more surprises to come with the Aventador. But I can't tell you any more or someone will kill me." The most powerful variant of the Aventador is currently the Aventador S, powered by a naturally aspired V12 delivering 730 horsepower and 508 lb-ft of torque.

This setup allows the supercar to accelerate from 0-62 mph in just three seconds flat. How Lamborghini plans to improve that performance remains to be seen. The good news is that, while other supercar manufacturers are experimenting with electrification and turbocharging, the Aventador's old-school naturally aspirated V12 won't be replaced in its future successor due to arrive in 2020. "In the future, you never say never about turbo, but I think in the next years we are staying with this technology, and with the V12. This is the engine that we are not going to change in the next generation. The V12 is the reason why people are buying these cars, because it is different."

There is no car in this segment that has this layout and it comes from a heritage, it comes from all the cars we have made in the past; the Murcielago, the Diablo, the Countach." Lamborghini has also previously said it will be the last brand to conform to autonomous technology if it can help it. It's refreshing to see a supercar manufacturer stick to what it does best instead of adhering to trends.

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