More Nismo Performance Cars Are Coming From Nissan, But Never This One

It would be sacrilegious.

The Nissan GT-R Nismo is one hell of a car, as is the Juke Nismo. Come to think of it, the 370Z Nismo is pretty damn sweet, too. Point being is that Nissan’s performance division is capable of doing some amazing stuff when given the task. Over the years it’s carved out a name for itself and generated plenty of fans along the way. The Nismo GT Academy has also become a source of recruiting young talent. So all this begs the question: what is Nismo planning in the near future?

Car Magazine recently sat down with Nismo global boss Darren Cox to try and find out. For starters, Cox clarified that he doesn’t think "we need to get more radical than the GTR Nismo of today." He refused to say anything whether the Europe-only Pulsar hatchback will be given the Nismo treatment. However, Cox made something absolutely clear: "We don’t just stick a load of stickers on a Micra and bring that over." Cox also said the plan is to sell more than 30,000 Nismo cars globally in 2015. "Credibility is the watchword," Cox emphasized.

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