More Photos of the 2012 Toyota FT-86

Last week it was the Modellista-prepped version, this time we have the standard model.

It appears that we have another leak on our hands. The need to see what the spawn of Toyota and Subaru will finally look like has become so strong that only a couple of days after we posted the Modellista version we now have shots of the standard Toyota FT-86. The Japanese brochure may well have plenty of insight into the Scion FR-S (the name U.S. drivers will have to adapt to), but our collective linguistic skills unfortunately don't include Japanese. Any assistance in translating the bumph will be much appreciated.

Thankfully we won't have to wait much longer for the public to see the spiritual successor to the AE86 as the 200hp coupe will be officially presented at the 2011 Toyota Motor Show on 30 November. In the meanwhile these images will have to suffice satiating your appetite.

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