More Toyota FT-86 Shots Divulge Limited Specs

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This car has a big chance of becoming outdated before it's even released.

We've witnessed a stream of leaks about this car in recent days and now we have scans of the spec sheet and more shots of the brochure via Japanese forums. By now it should be engrained on your conscience that the power behind the global Toyota FT-86 and North American Scion FR-S will come from a Subaru-sourced 2.0-liter 200hp flat-four, but the leaked info reveals that the FT-86 will be offered in two trims, which can be combined with either a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission.

Of the first trim level, the manual mode weighs in at 2,711 pounds and the automatic at 2,756 pounds, both of which return a combined fuel consumption of 29.2mpg. The second trim sees the manual weigh in at 2,668 pounds rated at 30.6mpg and the automatic tip the scales at 2,711 pounds, returning 30.1mpg. From the scans you can also see some of the body colors and additional extras that will be available once the car is launched, which for all our sakes we hope will happen soon.

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