Morgan 3 Wheeler Range to Expand


The success of the 3 Wheeler has convinced Morgan to strongly consider building new variants and more engines.

You'd think a vehicle like the Morgan 3 Wheeler would be too much of a niche model to be a solid sales success, even for a company like Morgan. But it turns out the 3 Wheeler has far exceeded the boutique carmaker's expectations in terms of both sales and by expanding the company's youth popularity. All told, its sales from this year are expected to reach some 600 units. Amazingly, this number exceeds sales of the 4, 4 Plus 4 and the Roadster. That's quite impressive for such an offbeat vehicle and Morgan is ready to cash in further on the 3 Wheeler's popularity.

In the near future, expect for the 3 Wheeler to be joined by new versions featuring different engines and body styles, something that was done with the original 3 Wheeler from the 1930s. At the moment, the 3 Wheeler is powered by a Harley-Davidson 2.0-liter V-twin engine. In addition to the 3 Wheeler's future, Morgan is currently debating on whether to continue building models on a traditional steel chassis or to switch to a single platform that would be better suited for more modern cars. It'll all boil down to which option is the better financial decision.

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