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Morgan Celebrates 110th Anniversary With Commemorative Special Editions

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Morgan's 110th birthday celebrations kick off next year.

Next year marks the 110th anniversary of the wooden sports carmaker Morgan. To celebrate this milestone, the automaker is building a selection of special edition models based on the Plus 4, Roadster, and the 3 Wheeler. Each 110 Anniversary car will feature special badging to distinguish it from regular models, as well as new performance and styling options. The Plus 4 and Roadster are fitted with a racing-inspired front valance, rear exit sports exhaust and a leather hood strap, for example.

Interior trim and detail enhancements include a leather or Stylish Moto-Lita steering wheel, performance seats, a mohair hood pack, and performance seats finished in Yarwood leather. Customers can also have the 110 Anniversary logo embroidered on the headrest in matching or contrasting stitching.

For the 3 Wheeler, customers can mix any solid exterior color with black roll hoops, black exhaust heat shields and a body-colored engine cowl. The interior for the 110 Anniversary model also includes quilted leather stitching, center split seats, storage pockets and a mohair tonneau cover. All these options are available at no extra cost.

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"It is an immense pleasure and an honour to lead the Morgan Motor Company as we approach such a significant milestone in our history," said Steve Morris, Managing Director of Morgan Motor Company. "We are delighted to be thriving as a privately owned, British, family owned automotive manufacturer, and in our 110th year of business are stronger than ever. Milestones such as a 110th anniversary offer everyone associated with the brand an opportunity for reflection, as well as an opportunity for us to offer even more to our customers. The '110 Edition' vehicles are the beginning of our celebrations, and we look forward to making further exciting announcements throughout 2019."

There's no word if the 110 Anniversary Morgans will be available to purchase in the US. You can, however, now import selected Morgan cars to America thanks to an exemption courtesy of the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015, so there's hope.