Morgan is Officially Fired from Morgan

The grandson of the company founder is now out of the job.

Family business can be a tough thing, but that’s bit of an understatement in the case of Charles Morgan. Morgan is the grandson of H.F.S Morgan, the founder of Morgan Motor Company. Up until very recently, he was the boutique UK automaker’s managing director, but that job was taken from him last March. He was then demoted to strategy director. Since that time, however, Morgan somehow pissed off other Morgans even more, such as his sister, brother-in-law, and nephew - all of whom are board members of Morgan Technologies.

Yeah, kind of awkward. The charges against Morgan range from posing as Morgan’s chairman despite not being the chairman, accepting payments without board approval, and even announcing an updated version of the 3 Wheeler was coming soon (apparently that’s not the case). Obviously Morgan had his own side of the story, but no one bought it. He lost his appeal when making his case before the board. What this means for the company’s future is uncertain, except that it's less one Morgan, but it’s still guaranteed those classically quirky Morgan cars will remain in full production.

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