Morgan Plus Four And Plus Six Get Much-Needed Upgrades For 2023

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You know, like cupholders.

Morgan, the maker of quintessentially British old-school-yet-new sports cars, has unveiled some updates for its 2023 Morgan Plus Four and Plus Six coupes. Each model is powered by either a BMW-sourced 2.0-liter turbo-four or a BMW turbo inline-six, likely borrowed from the previous generation BMW 2 Series.

Each of the two cars arrives with more modern amenities to juxtapose against their retro styling. The Four now has a narrower body but sits on wider wheels. As for the Six, it gets a bit wider for a bolder stance. Just look at how flush those wheels are in the shot below.

Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan

You can still get a six-speed manual in a Morgan, but only in the Plus Four. However, doing so does ding the torque figures slightly. With a stick optioned, the 2023 Plus Four makes 255 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. Check the box for the eight-speed auto and torque bumps to a healthier 295 lb-ft.

Output for the Plus Six stays the same, making 335 horses and 369 lb-ft. As mentioned above, the only transmission option for the Plus Six is an eight-speed auto.

Morgan has another important powertrain-related update in the form of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to both models. On top of that, each car gets a new set of bushings and dampers for the suspension system, which should help ride compliance and cornering performance at speed.

Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan

Those changes are all well and good, but these are quirky little cars. As such, some of Morgan's latest updates are a little funny. Take, for example, the update of a novel new feature in Morgans - a glovebox. Both models now have one, as well as a cup holder. Though, that is optional. Having drinks in cars isn't as big a deal in Europe as it is here. The Four and Six now also have standard airbags, thankfully.

Speaking of interior updates, a larger center display for the driver can be found just ahead of the steering wheel. We love that the car's old-school gauges, clock, and climate buttons remain in the center.

Rounding off the more modern amenities includes a new partnership with Sennheiser. Both the Four and Six can now be had with an eight-speaker audio system, though given the tiny interior space, Morgan shoved four behind the dash.

Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan

Morgan goes to great lengths to "celebrate individuality" by inviting owners to commission their own Plus model. In light of that, Morgan now has six specifications "themes" to get you started. Morgan has four specification themes on offer for 2023. These include Nordic, Riviera, Britannia, Stateside, Alpine, and Urban. On top of that, 12 new graphic packs with badging, hood stripes, and more will be available on 2023 models.

Morgan says the latest updates to the Plus Four and Plus Six will begin production in January 2023, though it has already begun contacting customers about configuring their own Plus models.

Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan

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