Morgan Presents 3 Wheeler Gulf Edition

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Two retro designs come together for one of the coolest designs ever to roll on wheels. Three wheels, anyway.

As much as we're enthralled to see the latest trends in automotive design when automakers unveil their new concept cars, there's a part of us - a big, drooling, nostalgic part - that just goes weak for the old-school and the retro. Like the Morgan 3 Wheeler, and the Gulf racing livery. The former, in case you've never heard of it and couldn't figure it out from the name, is a three-wheeled car - a trike, really - that traces its roots back to the origins of the British automaker (which still builds some of its cars on a wooden chassis).

The latter is a classic baby-blue and orange color scheme used by the Gulf oil company and stands as one of the most classic racing liveries of all time. Now the two have come together for this special. Growing out of the Morgan Nissan LMP2 team run by OnOak Racing and using the Gulf livery in the FIA World Endurance Championship, the Morgan 3 Wheeler Gulf Edition will be built in a limited run of no more than 100 examples. Aside from the orange and blue livery, it has blacked-out wheels, fenders, exhaust, headlamps, roll hoops, leather interior... even the V-twin motorcycle engine that hangs off the front is blacked out, all to shift the focus on the classic color scheme.

On display this week at the Motorcycle Live show in England, Morgan is pricing the special-edition 3 Wheeler at £29,162.50, before taxes. That makes it over four thousand quid dearer than the stock model (which you can, incidentally, spec out in all sorts of cool color schemes and graphics). But really, how can you put a price on something this cool?

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