Morgan's New Geneva-Bound Sports Car Will Be Called The Aero 8

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And it'll be absolutely nuts.

Any new Morgan is a special thing, considering the majority of the lineup hasn't changed (styling wise) in almost a century. But every now and then the UK-based carmaker, which is still family-owned, launches something borderline bonkers. In the past, examples included the Aero SuperSport and Aeromax. There was also that equally insane Plus 8 Speedster revealed last year in celebration of Morgan's centennial. Previous teasers for this year hinted at something we described as incredibly naughty. And that it is.

According to Morgan's Twitter feed, the new car is called the Aero8. We have only a few teaser images to show you so far plus the video from a week or so ago but trust us, the Aero 8 could just end up being one of the stars of Geneva. We'll have complete details and plenty of pictures for you in just a few days' time. Stay tuned.

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