Morgan Teases "New" Model To Be Unveiled In Geneva

Even by Morgan standards, it doesn't look new.

We don't see a whole lot of new models from Morgan very often. That isn't meant to be yet another crack at the company that still makes frames out of wood, the folks at Morgan are fully aware that the rest of the automotive world has moved on, and they don't mind. No, we simply just don't see many new models that aren't based on existing ones. In recent years we've seen the 3-Wheeler and... well, that's pretty much the whole list.

So it was exciting to hear that Morgan will be bringing a new model to the Geneva Motor Show next month, but then we got a look at the teaser shot. We really should have guessed that this would happen, but it appears to just be the front end of one of Morgan's Aero models, and this will just be a new variation on those. That's not a bad thing though, Morgan's Aero models are where the company makes its bolder (by Morgan standards) styling decisions. So we're still curious to see what it is that will be breaking cover in Geneva, even if we do already have a fairly good idea.

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