Morgan to Revive the One-Wheeler

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Could the success of the revived Three-Wheeler prompt Morgan to take things even further with a motorized monowheel?

We take it as a given that a car has four wheels. But some automakers are out to challenge that assumption. Morgan is one of them, having recently revived its classic Three-Wheeler to the critical acclaim of Anglophiles and enthusiasts the world over. But while the Three-Wheeler joins Morgan's range of conventional four-wheeled coupes and convertibles, rumors circulating the British motoring press indicate that Morgan could be looking at dropping another wheel or two to recreate the classic One-Wheeler.

The concept of a motorized unicycle gained popularity after the turn of the previous century when Morgan was in its heyday. The company's founder Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan was an early proponent of the idea, but while numerous prototypes were built and even a few sold to select customers, Morgan ultimately went with three- and four-wheel designs for its mainstream production models. But with gyroscopic technology now improved, current director Charles Morgan is apparently keen to revisit his grandfather's original design with the aim of improving it and bringing it to market.

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