Morgan Will Be Returning To The US...With The Help Of Isis!?


Well, Isis Imports that is.

Fans of hand-built British cars should be pretty happy with this news. We knew that a new US law called the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act contained a small exemption for low-volume manufacturers, allowing companies to bypass America's 25-year restriction on non-exempt cars by building replica vehicles. This exemption applies to Morgan because it has basically been building the same model for decades. Now we have good news that Morgan is actually taking deposits for its four-wheel cars in the US.

You could already buy the Morgan 3 Wheeler in the US because it is technically classified as a motorcycle. Isis Importers, a Morgan dealership in the US says the "details remain to be finalized, the latest word from the Morgan Motor Company is that they anticipate opening the order books for new Morgan cars for the USA, possibly as soon as this summer." Isis also said that "it is possible that production may begin on USA spec cars before the end of the year." This model will likely be powered by a 3.7-liter Ford V6 with 280 horsepower. This will be a nice addition to US roads, but that Morgan dealership may want to think about changing its name, unless it wants the US government to think that Morgan is helping ISIS somehow.

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