Morgan Will Pack More Power into the Plus 4

The 1950’s classic continues improving with age and is now the most powerful ever.

Funky-but-awesome automaker Morgan has just announced thatit will introduce a more powerful version of its Plus 4 convertible sports car at the 84th Geneva Motor Show next week. The car, whichhas basically kept the same design since it was first introduced in 1950, is an877-kg two-seater which currently makes 145 bhp from its Ford-sourced 2.0-literDuratec engine. While that may sound puny, the quick little car makes 0-62 mphin 7.5 seconds.

With additional power, the little Morgan should improvethose numbers even more. It’s expected to continue offering a Mazda-basedfive-speed manual transmission, and offer top speeds above the current 118 mph. Also due at Geneva is Morgan’s quirky 3 Wheeler, which despite looking like amutant fly, promises to deliver one of the best driving experiences on the roadtoday.

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