Morrissey Wants GM To To Veganize Its Eco Cars


He even wrote an open letter about it.

In this day of a super connected planet, we all have the ability to to share our opinions with the masses on social media (unless you're reading this from China or North Korea). Even things we don't want shared can make it onto the world wide web, Kim K and Paris Hilton knows all about it. When most of us have a rant or something we want to say to raise awareness, our views are usually limited to our friends and followers that probably average around 1,000 people. Celebrities are different, some have millions of followers.

With reach like that, whoever the target of their posts are will be almost guaranteed to see it, if not their original post, then reshares from followers will get the job done. British singer Morrissey, who you may of heard of Stateside as part of the successful group The Smiths back in the 80s, recently posted an open letter to Mary Barra, the CEO of Automaker GM. Why did he address a letter to the CEO of one of the largest automakers in the world? Cows. Yes, cows. Morrissey is an outspoken vegan, and he's not happy about the Chevy Bolt and Volt cars being marketed as eco-friendly when they have bovine bits scattered around the interior. That does make sense though, eco-friendly can, and some argue should, extend past the engine bay.

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Morrissey was prompted to write the open letter because he was due to perform in Detroit, GM's hometown. He mentions that GM should make the cars more eco-friendly by offering vegan leather interiors, steering wheels and gear gaiters. He also reminded GM that it's been named in PETA's brand-new investigation of cattle ranches where animals are branded on the face, electro-shocked, and beaten before being slaughtered and used to make leather interiors. Sounds pretty grim when you hear it like that. With 51 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions caused by animal agriculture we can't fault his logic. Morrissey thinks that full vegan options would broaden the appeal of GM's eco-friendly lineup.