Most Advanced Morgan Ever Coming In 2019

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As well as a new flagship model a few years later.

Towards the beginning of 2018, we learned that Morgan, the small British sports car manufacturer, would be ending production of its Plus 8 flagship model. The Plus 8 is set to be the last Morgan model to use BMW's N62 4.8-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine. We know Morgan is working on a new sports car and Autocar has revealed some important details about what we can expect from it, including the car's internal name.


For starters, we know this new sports car is being referred to internally as the 'Wide Body.' Much like McLaren with BP23 (Speedtail) or BMW with the G20 (3 Series), this won't actually be the car's production name. We know the Wide Body will use a bonded aluminum chassis which is similar in weight but twice as stiff as the outgoing car. Under the hood will sit "a powertrain never before installed in a Morgan." With the BMW V8 no longer an option, the expected power source is some kind of turbocharged six, likely an inline producing around 350 horsepower.

Morgan Morgan Morgan

This wouldn't be as much power as the outgoing Plus 8 and Aero 8, though Morgan says the Wide Body is "not designed to be a direct replacement" for those cars. Instead, those two will be replaced by a future flagship model in the coming years while the Wide Body will slot above the Roadster, Plus 4, and 4/4 in the Morgan range.

We'll likely have to wait until next year to see the Wide Body and get more details on it (like if it will come to the US). Graham Chapman, Morgan's technology director, says the car "is the culmination of several years of unprecedented development in design and engineering for Morgan. This has produced the most advanced development programme in Morgan's history, the results of which we cannot wait to share with our customers worldwide."


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