Most Expensive BMW M2 Costs M3 Money At $76,550

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The M240i is shaping up to be a BMW performance bargain at that price.

The new BMW M2 is still the "baby" M car. It's the cheapest one BMW makes, short of its M-lite models like the M240i and M240i xDrive. We've known the car's $63,195 MSRP for some time, but now thanks to the recently-released online configurator, we know how much a fully-loaded one will cost you.

If you check every box on the M2, sans the upcoming M Performance parts, you'll end up with a 2023 M2 that costs $76,550. Add M Performance parts and the upcoming center-lock wheels, and we could see a six-figure M2 soon.

That said, a loaded M2 is just $3,750 more than a base model M3 with a manual. If we look downstream instead, a loaded M2 costs a whopping $18,350 more than a rear-drive M240i.


For now, we'll leave the M240i out because it's got xDrive while the M2 doesn't.

A potential M2 Competition could offer AWD, making that a more fair comparison. Notably, to load up an M2, you'll have to ditch the manual transmission. Some safety features are not available with the manual and require the eight-speed automatic gearbox.

That little caveat makes the rear-drive M240i a tempting offering, especially when cross-shopping sports cars with an automatic transmission. Obviously, the M2 is likely the way to go if you prefer a manual. Regardless, it makes us wonder if the M2 is worth $18,350 more than a fully loaded (and arguably more handsome) M240i.


BMW will have surely done its best to differentiate the M2 from its more pedestrian sibling, and it's not exactly fair to compare the M2 to a stripper-out M3 with a manual. At least as far as non-performance upgrades go, the M2 has a massive amount of standard kit compared to the cheaper M240i.

For example, you'll still have to pay $175 for lumbar support in the 240i. Illuminated M trim on the door cards is another inclusion for the M2, while it costs $200 on the M-lite car. As for the driving experience, we'll have to wait and see if the new M2 is worth the extra scratch.


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