Motor Trend Compares BMW 335i Against Audi S4

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Two uber fine German sports sedans battle it out.

Is there such a thing as the perfect car? Likely not, but it's been claimed by many that the BMW 3-Series may just be the closest thing. Over the years, BMW has developed and evolved their beloved sports sedan (as well the coupe, convertible, and wagon variants) to a level that hasn't been matched by any other automaker - yet. Audi is often seen as the BMW's most serious competitor with their A4 (and S4 performance model).

Now that the all-new 3 Series is on sale, Motor Trend thought it would be a good idea to pit it against its also admired Audi competitor. The 335i and the S4 go head-to-head to determine what Motor Trend believes to the best and most ideal high-performance luxury sedan.

Let's face it though, there are BMW people and those who side with Audi and it's rarely possible for each group to admit the other car is better. So we'll let you decide (or the best you can without driving either) based on Motor Trend's official test drives.

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