Motor Trend Gets its Rat Rod On

This is what you get when you take an old Jeep, remove the front axle, drop in a crate engine and slam it to the ground: a whole lot of trouble.

A rat-rod Jeep may seem about as un-trendy as you can get, but that hasn’t stopped Motor Trend from buying one, fixing it up and taking it on and off the road for the latest episode of Roadkill. MT’s master tinkerers David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan took possession of this old Willys Jeep in its current modified state, but found the modifications had been performed rather poorly. The engine barely ran, the suspension was all messed up, there was no windshield and the brakes required two legs and an arm to bring the "car" to a full stop.

After taking it to a swanky restaurant to see what the valet parkers would make of it, Freiburger and Finnegan set about bringing the rat-rod Jeep up to spec for an off-road trip to a desert saloon in Arizona. Check out the 23-minute video below to see how it went.

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