Motor Trend Has A New Host, And He's Got An English Accent

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It looks like Motor Trend really is turning into Top Gear.

A few months back, we sadly reported that Motor Trend was losing one of its main hosts of Ignition and Head to Head, Jason Cammisa. Cammisa starred alongside Jonny Lieberman as a replacement for former host, Carlos Lagos. The two journalists formed a hilarious duo that brought us cinematically brilliant reviews with plenty of humor. It's still unclear why Cammisa left, but there has been a lot of speculation regarding who would take his place on the shows. This is an amazing job that enthusiasts around the world dream of having.

According to several sources, including Lieberman's own Twitter account, the new host of Motor Trend will be Jethro Bovington. Bovington has an impressive resume working for Evo Magazine, CAR Magazine, and doing videos for Drive Tribe: Clarkson, May and Hammond's car-based social media platform.

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Bovington's Motor Trend debut with Motor Trend will be on September 13 on Head to Head. The episode will only be available at first on Motor Trend OnDemand, but will be available later on YouTube. Episode 94 of Head to Head will feature the new Audi RS5 against the Mercedes C63 S coupe on the back roads of Wales. Bovington will also be on Ignition episode 183, where he will be driving the Pagani Huayra BC. We're excited to see how the two host's chemistry works together, but we will still miss Cammisa and his self-admitted Adam Sandler looks.

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