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Motor Trend Just Lost One Of Its Main Hosts

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Perhaps Motor Trend will have open auditions like Top Gear did?

We're huge fans of Motor Trend's hit YouTube series, Ignition and Head 2 Head. These shows have hosted some incredible road testsand comparisons that are made even better by their hilarious hosts Johnny Lieberman and Jason Cammisa, who replaced Carlos Lagos a few years ago. The duo had amazing on-screen chemistry that rivaled even that of the Grand Tour trio. Unfortunately, according to an Instagram post by Lieberman, Jason Cammisa will be leaving the show and Motor Trend.

Lieberman thanked Cammisa and the show's director, who is leaving as well. Cammisa took to Reddit to talk to his fans about his decision. "Leaving MT was, as you can all imagine, a difficult decision. And one that had absolutely nothing to do with the cars or the shows themselves. Playing with cars, sliding them around, and trying my hardest to make y'all laugh is basically the dream for me. And if I have it my way, you haven't seen the last of me yet. So thanks again for all the kind words you guys have spoken, those don't come easy on the Internet, where people can be astoundingly harsh. But you all, as an audience, have been incredibly positive, accepting, and constructive. And I appreciate that more than you'll ever know" said Cammisa.

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Cammisa hasn't stated what he plans to do next, but we wish him luck in his future endeavors. He did mention that he has three more episodes that are filmed and will be heading to YouTube. One of these reviews is a comparison of the Mercedes-AMG C43 versus the Jaguar XE, which will feature Cammisa's own C43 AMG. This leaves MotorTrend with an opening spot for a host position on the show. We can't wait to see who they get to replace Cammisa, but who ever it is will have big shoes to fill.