Motor Trend Told To Back Off From Driving This Rare Ferrari 275 GTB

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It seems there is a limit to what Jonny Lieberman can test.

Before watching this, you have to acknowledge one very sad fact about life. That would be that there's absolutely no way you'll get to have the experience these two car nuts are having blasting down a Southern California highway in a 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB. Not ever. Neither will 99.9% of the human race for that matter. Accept it and move on. Even Jonny Lieberman, who usually has access to just about any car he wants, can't get behind the wheel for a drive.

Instead, he's forced to go along for a ride while David Gooding, the owner of Gooding & Company, pilots the Ferrari. The reason he can't hand Lieberman the keys? For insurance purposes because this classic Ferrari is expected to sell for $2-$2.4 million. As if it wasn't special enough, it has quite a history to it.

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A handful of wins under its belt and competition features built in by Ferrari make it more special than it already is, but things get even better when inspecting the quality of the restoration job. According to Gooding, the previous caretaker-a well-heeled European owner who had the luxury of treating money like tissue-sent it to the finest restoration shops around the world and told them to get the 275 into top condition no matter the price. It seems to have paid off because no discernible part of this Rarri implies that it's in anything less than factory condition. You might wanna wipe that drool off the keyboard.

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