Motorcycles Recreated with Painted Models

Painted models contort their bodies to recreate the forms of motorcycles to promote the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows.

When you see a motorcycle out on the road, half of what you're seeing is the motorbike, and the other half is its rider. But what if you took the machine out of the equation? In most cases you'd be left with a pedestrian, but one group set out to redefine the balance between man (or woman, in this case) and machine. The team includes models, designers, photographers, yoga instructors and bodypaint artists, who got together to recreate the shapes and forms of different kinds of motorbikes out of people.

The feat was undertaken to promote the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows. (That's Progressive as in the insurance company, but may as well refer to forward thinking). The traveling expo is visiting Dallas, Long Beach, Washington, New York, Atlanta and Chicago, among other cities, but you can see the stunning results in the video clip below.

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