Road Rage

Motorcyclist Confronts Driver, Gets A Pistol Shoved In His Face

That escalated quickly.

Here at CarBuzz we sometimes give motorcycle riders crap for acting like jerks. However, being a biker can be very dangerous, especially when someone in a car is pissed at you. In this video a group of guys in a truck are upset at a group of bikers so they flip them off. When one of the riders goes to ask for an explanation he has a pistol pointed at his face. Tapping on a car’s window at a stoplight isn’t the smartest move, but the driver’s reaction is completely overboard.

The biker somehow manages to keep his calm despite the fact that a gun is pointed at his head. Hopefully some form of punishment is dealt to the driver. True, we don’t know what happened before the camera started rolling but the stuff in the video looks harmless. Could it have been egregious enough to warrant this type of reaction? Probably not.

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