Motorcyclist Rescues and Returns Coffee Cup to SUV Driver

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A motorcyclist sees a forgotten coffee cup on a moving car's rear bumper and soon returns it to its gratified driver/drinker.

The daily commute can get to anyone, and sometimes in the morning we're all bogged down by the regular routine of getting the day started and the panic to beat the rush hour traffic. It can be very, very easy to forget something in the process, from leaving your wallet on the table to forgetting your cup of morning coffee on the roof of your car. Or, in the case of the driver of this Ford Explorer, forgetting a cup of morning Joe on the rear bumper before speeding off.

Amazingly, the coffee mug didn't fall off while driving down the highway, and this Good Samaritan motorcyclist just happened to notice said mug. He grabbed it and managed to hand it to the driver, all while catching it on film.

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