MotorWeek Looks Back At A Couple Of Japanese Icons

Maybe hindsight is a bit overrated.

Both the Acura NSX and the Toyota Supra have become huge, looming figures in our collective automotive unconscious. To some, they have divine powers and are completely beyond reproach. But surely every car has some flaws, right? Fortunately, MotorWeek has released a couple of videos from their archives, showing what they thought at the time of the 1991 Acura NSX and the 1986 Toyota Supra. It might surprise you.

Granted, both reviews are still largely positive, but there are a couple of gripes about the NSX. The Supra video is on the next page.

It is obviously pretty important to point out that this generation of the Supra is not the true classic. But it’s still interesting to see what went into its evolution.

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